Rome Colosseum by night

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Statue of Marcus Aurelius at the Campidoglio

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Rome Bit by Bite combines the expertise of a born-and-bred Roman with the first-hand facts and real-life experience of a writer and Rome-lover, ambling and nibbling her way through the city, collecting bits and tasting bites, while describing her favorite topic not only from the inside out, but also from the outside in, both as a local and as a traveler. Read more about me.

With its many layers of historic monuments and buildings Rome offers a unique blend of art, architecture, legend and history.


Pantheon Rome


But Rome is more than just an open-air museum. With its colorful markets, lively squares and cobbled streets, fine gourmet restaurants, trendy bars, this metropolis has something to suit all tastes. A rare opportunity to ‘live’ a true cultural experience through all five senses.


Campo de fiori Rome
It is one of the few travel destinations where you can combine a walk through ancient history, with superlative shopping and a candle-light dinner in a bohemian district, like Trastevere, all in one day.


Photo credits (top to bottom): Colosseum by Diliff; Marcus Aurelius © ThePalmer/Istock; Pantheon by Giuseppe Moscato; vegetable market © JordiRamisa/Istock.

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  1. I have been to Italy. Rome, Milan, Venice and more. It is by far the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Yes, when in Rome, you can feel the ancient times of this Eternal City. We plan on going back in about 4-5 years. It’s my dream come true!

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