The City of Seven Hills hosts so many interesting museums, impressive monuments and fountains, churches and galleries that making a short selection of major tourist attractions in Rome seems hardly possible. Much will depend on your own preferences: history, culture, entertainment, night life, gourmet restaurants, alternative arts, Rome offers it all...
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The Pantheon and piazza della rotonda (the piazza in front of it), as well as Piazza Navona with the wonderful Bernini fountains are wonderful to see at night.
One of the most famous historic monuments is probably the Colosseum, Rome's greatest amphitheatre where deadly gladiator combats and wild animal fights were staged.
Last but not least, you have the Trevi Fountain  and Piazza di Spagna, with the Spanish steps, some of the most famous spots of Rome with many shopping streets closeby.
Trevi Fountain
Other major monuments are St. Peter Basilique and the Sistine Chapel in the independent city-state of Vatican city.
Castel Sant'Angelo, the Roman Forum and the Roman Catacombs.
St. Peter's Basilica
Castel Sant'Angelo
The Capitoline museums and Vatican museums count among the best museums in Rome. For other museums in Rome, see: Top 7 museums in Rome.
Roman Forum
Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda)
But Rome is not just an open air museum. At night you'll discover another facet of Rome at Trastevere and Testaccio. Rome is also famous for its excellent restaurants (some of which rank among the best of Italy) and for its elegant, literary and cultural cafes, where you can taste an excellent espresso, have breakfast or a panino for lunch, and enjoy an aperitif at night.
Piazza di Spagna
seen from the Spanish steps